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IndiaZakat.com Shariah & Advisory Board

Top Ulemas of the Country join the IndiaZakat.com Shariah & Advisory Board

Just as the Masjid is a better place to perform Namaz collectively, similary IndiaZakat is like a Jama Masjid to deposit Zakat for better use within the Community.” - Mufti Abdul Kadir Barkatulla, Sharia Judge at Islamic Sharia Council, London, UK

As you would know, IndiaZakat.com is India’s 1st Zakat-based crowd-funding platform launched in April 2020, run by Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP). Within less than 3 years, it has already collected and disbursed 12.5+ Crores for 4000+ causes in Education, Medical Assistance, Livelihood, Orphan & Poor Children's Education, Disaster Relief etc., thus impacting thousands of lives so far.

On Friday, 13th Jan. 2023, through an online Webinar, IndiaZakat.com launched its newly re-constituted  Shariah and Advisory Board with the following Team Members, who are highly learned as well as experts in the field of Islamic Shariah, Islamic Finance and Zakat Management. Eminent Scholars like Maulana Khalid Rasheed Farangi Mahli Sahab, Shahi Imam-E-Eidgah – Lucknow, Mufti Omar Abedeen Qasmi Madni Sahab, Islamic Scholar & Educational Trainer – Hyderabad, Janab H. Abdur Raqeeb Sahab, General Secretary, India Centre for Islamic Finance – Chennai,  Mufti Abdul Kadir Barkatulla Sahab, Sharia Judge at Islamic Sharia Council - London, UK and Maulana Mohd. Ziaur Rahman Alimi Sahab, Islamic Scholar, Author & Teacher, Jamia Arifia Kaushambi.

These illustrious Ulema as well Shariah and Islamic Finance experts lauded IndiaZakat.com's efforts in bringing Collective Zakat on a digital platform and helping the Community immensely.

Maulana Khalid Rashid Farangi Mahli Sahab said “We need to educate and create awareness among the youngsters and the new generation on the importance of Zakat. How in the Qur’an Allah SWT has included Namaz and Zakat in the same verses to show its importance. Even the Constitution of India says that Wealth should not be limited in a few hands.”

Mufti Abdul Kadir Barkatulla Sahab while acknowledging the contribution of IndiaZakat in the collection and distribution of Zakat in India said “Just as the Masjid is a better place to perform Namaz collectively, similary IndiaZakat is like a Jama Masjid to deposit Zakat for better use within the Community.” He further said that all Indian Muslims are thankful to Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) and the entire team of AMP deserves accolades.

Mufti Omar Abedeen Qasmi Madni Sahab said “IndiaZakat is a successful example of joint collaboration between Ulemas & Professionals. Without proper utilisation of Zakat, Social and economic justice is not possible.”

H. Abdur Raqeeb Sahab said “As per government estimates, more than 30% of Muslim population live below povertyline. Zakat and Islamic Finance are two valuable instruments which can remove inequity in the Society.”

Maulana Ziyaur Rahman Sahab, said “Dedication, Hardwork and Ikhlas by Team AMP is responsible for the immense success of IndiaZakat.com in such a short time. The involvement of Ulemas will give the platform the right direction as well as Barakahs.”

Mr. Aamir Edresy Sahab, President - AMP, in his keynote address, enumerated the unique features of IndiaZakat and the role of its Donors, Volunteers & Operations Team, which contributed to its immense success, said "We have been able to connect with 12,000+ donors in these past 3 years, Alhamdulillah. Going forward, we envision that IndiaZakat becomes the leading Centre of Zakat Collection & Disbursement in the Country.”

The meeting was attended by many Donors, Team AMP Professionas, Volunteers and other participants from all over the Country and Globe.


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