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AMP Zakat Fund Volunteer Registration Form

We can all help to make a positive difference to poor & underprivileged members of our community. AZF has many opportunities for you to get involved with our work and reach out to those suffering in silence. You can help to eradicate poverty amongst Muslims living in the poorest corner of India and empower them to lead better and more dignified lives - all whilst earning the pleasure of Allah.

Under the AMP Zakat Fund Campaign, those who play the role of Zakat Volunteers will have enormous social importance for interaction with Zakat Givers and Zakat Receivers.  It serves as a great platform for nurturing and development of leadership qualities. It will give them a sense of pride, fulfillment and satisfaction while dealing with number of people and joy or thrill of challenging one’s own boundaries. It will be an opportunity for building up knowledge and enhance skill development.  It will give an opportunity to work as an AMP team member.


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