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The AMP World app will host the National Talent Search 2022 with at least 1 lakh students appearing for the exam from all over India. It is a specially designed mobile app

Through this mobile app, students can take advantage of AMP’s numerous programs like - career counselling, scholarship guidance, employment training and financial assistance for higher education helping in admissions. 

AMP intends to keep all the 1 lakh Students connected through AMP World APP; so that they can all take advantage of AMP’s free programs forever.

Download the AMP World App from Google Play store: https://tinyurl.com/AMPWorldApp
Registration Process: 
  • Download the AMP World App from Google Playstore  
  • Sign-up to the app with your personal details 
  • Register for NTS by filling the Student Registration tab

With the intention of increasing the Students’ General Awareness and Competitive Spirit and identifying the best and brightest students to support and nurture, AMP launched a National Level Competition, the AMP National Talent Search in December 2022 for School, Junior & Senior/Degree College Students.

Find more information at: www.ampindia.org/national_talent_search


  1. AMP World will keep students connected with AMP and take advantage of its free programs forever.
  2. AMP World will inform you about all the FREE employability and educational programs that AMP conducts; so that you don't miss any vital bit of information.
  3. Students will also use AMP World for information sharing & knowledge exchange like, students can access career counselling sessions, employability training, and much more of such FREE programs conducted by AMP.
  4. AMP Worldwill act as an umbrella community, which will not only be used by students but also due to its informative content will act as a valuable resource for parents who are looking to encourage and support their children for a better future.
  5. AMP World will connect the user with our valued teams, to avail resources and benefits locally for yourself, family, friends, community and society.
  6. AMP World will enable you to be a part of a strong network of intellectuals.
  7. AMP World will offer networking opportunities with the right people and help in situations of need.
  8. AMP World your skills, talent, resources that you wish to deliver to community, through a verifiable, reliable and dependable system.
  9. AMP World offers you a global platform to explore possibilities, not only for oneself but for the generations to come and work with the basic ethos of Islam.
  10. AMP World will be your companion in the journey from self-building to nation-building and further for the better futuristic human race.


  • AMP will guide deserving and needy students in applying for funds through its Crowdfunding platform - IndiaZakat.com.
  • AMP will provide free guidance and mentorship by an experienced person in a company or educational institution to all students through TheIndiaMentors.com which will help students in achieving their career goals.
  • Students can take advantage of the numerous Scholarship programs offered by various National or International Institutes and Organizations that are supported and promoted on AMP’s platform. 
  • AMP will extend support through its employment website AMPowerjobs.com to reduce the gap between the recruiter and job seeker by offering free Resume Assistance, Skills & Employability training and more.

Following Initiatives by AMP are strongly focused on Students’ Higher Education & Professional Training. We will invite all participating Students to the following flagship programs conducted by AMP that will help children create Future Career Opportunities for

  • Employability Training Programs (ETPs)
  • Employment assistance through Job Fairs & Campus Placement Programs
  • Skill Training Programs (Job Oriented Training)
  • Scholarship Guidance and Assistance
  • International Scholarship Guidance
  • Financial Assistance for Higher Education
  • Internship Programs
  • Students’ Mentorship by Industry Experts 



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