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NGO Conferences

AMP NGO Conferences
An AMP initiative to connect & engage with NGOs

Social Leaders are the face, backbone, and assets of any community, who play a key role in motivating and leading the community to the heights of progress and empowerment. Social leaders protect freedom, preserve peace, and ensure prosperity for as many people as possible. Social Leadership means devoting one’s life and talents to improving society regardless of social standing, wealth, or privilege.


Social Leaders and their Organisations (NGOs) play a great role in shaping an equitable World, lifting human beings from the depths of Despair into a realm of Hope and Joy. This individual brilliance if brought together on one platform of Collaboration would yield results that can change the World.


Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) thus started its NGO Connect project a few years ago with the aim of harnessing the power of Individual NGOs into a Collaborative Movement of Change. We now intend to take this initiative to the next level by focusing on the 200 Muslim-dominated Districts of the Country where a large segment of the Community is marginalised and needs to be brought into the mainstream.


Conference Objectives:

The objective behind organising this conference is to;

  1. Plan for the future of the Community
  2. Help in the capacity-building of NGOs
  3. Collaborate to bring about the Change we all desire
  4. Network and share individual success stories
  5. Share useful information on Minority-related issues and Govt. schemes from all over India
  6. Execute AMP Projects along with interested NGOs in their respective Geographies

We are confident that this activity will go a long way in building the confidence and strength required by us to take the Community Development to next level. We also hope this endeavour of Collectivism and Collaboration will bring Unity and Strength within the Community and lead to Progress and Nation-Building InshaAllah!


In order to take this mission forward, AMP will be holding Zonal Conferences, where Social Leaders and NGOs from the respective zones will come together and Collaborate to lay out a Roadmap that will help the Community to join the National mainstream.


North India Conference: Lucknow, 4th & 5th March, 2023

The first of these Zonal Conferences will be held in North India, where many of these Muslim-concentrated districts are situated. These are densely populated with the Muslim Ummah and are quite backward, hence we have decided to start where the intervention is needed most. We will be discussing all the issues related to minorities’ development and progress, and how their inclusion in the national mainstream will only lead to real Nation-Building.


The Conference will be held at Lucknow, on 4th & 5th of March, 2023, and will be also attended by Ulemas, Policy Makers, Academicians, Intellectuals and Civil Society Activists of National Stature. We are also confident that representatives of more than 500 NGOs from Northern India, working at the ground level would participate to share their experiences and interact with each other for future planning of the direction that the Community needs to take Insha’Allah.

Kindly fill the Registration form here: 

Latest by 2nd March 2023 and pay the nominal delegation fee of Rs. 1000/- per delegate at: Click Here

For any further details you may contact:

Email: ampoffice.ngoconnect@gmail.com | ngoconnect@ampindia.org

Contact Person: +918657003082

About the Organisers:

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) is a non-profit organization of professional Muslims who have come together to perform their bit for the welfare of the of the Society and the Nation through Education and Empowerment. AMP is a Section 8 Company (Non-Profit) registered under Companies Act 2013, with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).


The above objectives are achieved by providing assistance to needy Individuals – Females & Males, irrespective of Caste, Creed and Religion.


Islamic Centre of India is a Religious, Cultural, Social and Educational place. An educational institute with the name of Darool-Uloom-Farangimahal is situated inside the campus with Hostel facility and a Mosque. Office of Markazi Chand Committee and Dar-ul-Qaza are also situated there. A free Library, where a lot of IAS aspirants came on daily basis too is based on the premises. This Unit is Run by Zakat Foundation.


Community Kitchen Langar-E-Adam is organised every day in the evening. Pure vegetarian food is served with proper hygiene and is managed by The Adam's Kitchen. A free community Mall with the name of Adam's Mall is also situated here and this Unit too is run by The Adam's kitchen Team. Plus, there is a community Centre called ‘Tayyab Hall’, where meetings, parties or marriage ceremonies can be organised.



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